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Men of Prayer
posted by: Dr. Edwin A. Mercado on 10/14/2011

God has shown his love and mercy over the in our church through prayer. Early this year several of our men's started a men's prayer night. God has healed several people including me from Lupus and kidney failure. Let's persevere in prayer for the sick. Jesus died for our and took away our sicknesses! Reach out and get your healing today! Let's us know and we will pray for you in Jesus name and you will see these sicknesses disappear!
I will pray 173 people are praying.
Our Pastors
posted by: on 9/18/2011

Pray for Pastor George and Rosie Molina that God would give them renewed strength during there time off. Pray for God's protection and a greater passion and anointing upon there return.
I will pray 104 people are praying.
Surgery Today
posted by: Gil Gutierrez on 8/31/2011

Please pray for Barbara Gutierrez as she is going through surgery today for stomach issues. Pray for a speedy recovery. Thank you.
I will pray 104 people are praying.
Connie's mother rushed to hospital
posted by: Connie Bradford on 8/30/2011

Please be praying for Connie Bradford's mother. She has been rushed to the hospital and are awaiting news.
I will pray 87 people are praying.
Prayer request for Rudy Molina
posted by: Josie Molina on 8/30/2011

Please take a moment to say a prayer of healing and good report over my wonderful Husband, Rudy Molina. I know all things are possible through Jesus and I believe in the power of prayer! I also know life has a way of blowing up our troubles, at times making it difficult to see our blessings... I have never for second overlooked the blessing of love I found in My Rudy. I love him more than words can express... so please, please take a moment and pray that his tumor is benign. In Jesus' name! Amen!
I will pray 71 people are praying.
Prayer for an Unexpected Loss
posted by: on 8/24/2011

Please pray for Yvonne Book and family as they suffered the unexpected loss of a dear close friend of the family. Pray for God's peace and comfort over them during this loss.
I will pray 70 people are praying.
Pray for Ray Silva
posted by: on 7/26/2011

Please pray for Ray Silva who is in a coma in Houston, Texas. He was found at home unresponsive by his wife and is currently in a coma. Pray that God would bring complete healing to him and that God would bring peace and strength to his family.
I will pray 66 people are praying.
Prayer for Mendez Famliy
posted by: Stephanie on 5/30/2011

I would like to ask for prayer for my co-worker David Mendez and his family. Last year they lost their 23 year old son in a car accident and on Monday they lost their 20 year old son to unknown circumstances. I just want to pray for this family that they put all their trust in God during this very difficult time.
I will pray 92 people are praying.
Pastor and Wife from Alaska killed in tragic accident in Scottsdale
posted by: Aaron on 5/14/2011

Please be in prayer for this family! AG News Return to News Index AG pastor and wife killed in tragic accident Fri, 13 May 2011 - 8:57 AM CST Matanuska Assembly of God pastor Randy Bjerken, 51, and his wife Doris, 50, were struck and killed while walking on the sidewalk this past Sunday in Scottsdale, Arizona. The couple, who pastored the small 25-person church located in Palmer, Alaska, had gone to Arizona to attend a pastors conference earlier in the week, and had extended their stay to visit family in the area. According to reports, on Mother's Day, an SUV was driven up on to the sidewalk, striking the couple and then a power pole. The Bjerkens were pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The driver was treated and released. The accident is currently under investigation. In speaking to a local newspaper, Alaska District Superintendent Bill Welch expressed his great sorrow in the loss of the couple and for the Bjerken children. He has also stepped in as the temporary pastor of Matanuska AG, where the Bjerkens had been since 1995. The Bjerkens leave behind four children: Christopher (25), Corey (23), Courtney (20) and Kenzie (16). Doris Bjerken was an administrative secretary at Colony High School in Palmer. The funeral services will be held at the high school today, Friday, May 13, at 3 p.m. Alaskan Standard Time, 6 p.m. CST. Authors: Dan Van Veen
I will pray 93 people are praying.
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