core values

Our Core Values at Lifeway Church are what make us unique to the community that we serve.

At Lifeway Church, we value...

Personal Development - We understand that God desires for every believer to grow in faith and in the knowledge of His word.
Relationships - We believe that relationships are the building blocks for all ministry.
Evangelism - This is why God put Lifeway in our community - To reach out to others with the good news.
Cultural Relevance - Our aim is to present the gospel in a way people can understand without compromising the message.
Intimacy with God - We draw close to God with our worship and our devotion to Him. We are changed when we draw close to God.
Serving - Jesus demonstrated the heart of a servant and our goal is to serve our community and each other.
Excellence - In all that we do, we want to stamp it with excellence; always offering our best to God.
Our values will keep us PRECISEly in line with who God has called us to be.