What is BGMC? Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge is the missions education program for children in the Assemblies of God.  BGMC is touching every area of the world by supplying our missionaries with the supplies and tools they need to reach out to the lost through evangelism and discipleship.
Missionaries desperately need to purchase supplies such as Bibles, tracts, Sunday School literature, computers, printers, puppets, clown supplies, sound systems and lots, lots more! BGMC is the program that provides whatever missionaries need, where they need it and when they need it.
BGMC is more than a giving program; it's also a missions education program. BGMC is equipping kids to know, to care, to pray, to give and to reach the lost. Kids are taught about countries, people groups and missionaries. They are also taught about the "lost" and how important it is to be a witness even in their small part of the world.
At Lifeway Church, our kids collect money in their little yellow "Buddy Barrels" throughout the month and bring them in on the first Sunday of each month. On that same Sunday, the adults are given the opportunity to give to this ministry as well.
Our kids are working diligently towards our yearly goal and are happy to be helping our missionaries tell others about Jesus.

Click on following link to go to the BGMC Kids Web page:

There are lots of true missions stories, activities and games. If you want to know more about kids missions and what other kids are doing for missions, this is the place to visit!